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News and Blog

Five Things to Remember for a Smooth Office Relocation

Five Things to Remember for a Smooth Office Relocation

Relocating your office is even more stressful than a residential move, with business assets, office furniture, computer equipment and important documentation that need to be protected and not lost in the move. It’s never just a matter of a geographical transfer. The overall aim is to be up and running in your new location from day one whilst not blowing your budget on the move or wearing out everyone involved mentally and physically. So, how can you ease the strain on both yourself and your employees? We’ve covered the most important points that often get forgotten in the excitement and preparation for your new office.

Plan Your New Space Properly

Failure to plan from the outset will cause considerable headaches later on. First assess your current environment – what works / what could definitely be improved? What can you do to make a healthier environment for the staff?

Different departments function differently so if you’re office relocation is to a building with more than one floor, don’t decide that all floors should follow the same plan. If there are less people in one department but there are more files, work around this accordingly. Take into account centralised file storage – it may appear to accommodate your present needs but is it adequate for future plans?

Good space planning establishes goals from the beginning and it’s easier to stick to them in the long term. Technology can be a real help in planning the space – virtual 3D imaging and AutoCAD software can show you a number of alternatives for your office and help in imagining the final workplace.


Although you realize that furniture planning and design is more than just a desk and chair for each employee, it’s important to take inventory and see what you need and what you can get rid of. If you don’t have a huge budget for new premium brand furniture, consider liquidating some of the existing furniture or consider affordable options like refurbished or re-purposed furnishing. This way you can fit in with your new colour scheme and update fabrics without exceeding your budget. In addition to being healthier for company funds, it’s also environmentally friendly as it creates less waste.

Moving Technology

Although you’ve probably researched how to move highly sensitive equipment and spoken to an expert Melbourne office relocation company such as ABR Relocations to arrange this during the move, don’t forget that a successful relocation means minimal downtime for employees. The number 1 delay in an office move is phone and wireless connections, thus ensure suitable arrangements have been made with your provider ahead of time. Manage the transition by having new server equipment delivered ahead of time or create a crossover to prevent disruption to company operations.

Vacating the Old Office

It’s not just a matter of removing everything and walking out, so check your lease carefully to ensure you’ve met all the requirements. Making good your premises can be forgotten in these busy days so make sure you do your due diligence and any repairs that may be required. ABR relocations can remove any excess assets that may not be required at your new premises and can dispose of any damaged furniture. Do away with your ‘chair graveyard’ store room for all those forgotten pieces once and for all.

Asking for Help

Whether it’s from your team, or expert Melbourne office movers, don’t be scared to ask for help. Most organizations can’t handle everything on their own and trying to find the correct people for the job can seem a daunting task. ABR relocations can help with all your Melbourne office relocation needs so call us on 03 9706 4008 or email admin@abr.net.au.


  • Amplifier

    ABR Relocations recently moved our company into new offices and the process was easy, problem-free and within a welcomed (and earlier than expected) timeframe. The staff were professional and friendly, the tapeless boxes were very convenient and overall, the relocation was painless for all staff. Thank you!

    Cathy Fowler – Office Manager
  • City of Greater Bendigo

    The City of Greater Bendigo engaged ABR Relocations after an exhaustive selection process…based on recommendations by other libraries, Public Records of Victoria, economic value and the ability to perform the relocation within our time frame.

    Jim Weymouth – Project Manager
  • Dahlsens Building Centres

    We recently contracted ABR to move our offices from Malvern East to Notting Hill. The price quoted was fair but more importantly the service was very good and the workers were friendly and obliging. ABR has delivered everything they promised and went out of their way to deliver the little extras we forgot. We highly recommend ABR to anyone needing to move.

    John Dahlsen, Chairman – JC Dahlsen PTY LTD
  • Department Of Human Services

    I was very impressed with the Tapeless Boxes™ that you use and they certainly are very durable, easy to pack, unpack and move around.They were the most polite & helpful removalists, that I, and others who were on site at the start of the move, have come across. The way in which you moved computers and equipment, and padded the door and stairways was very impressive and I believe with the information you provided us prior to the move enabled it all to go very well.

    Lorraine Hamilton, Office Manager
  • Marks & Clerk Australia

    We recently had occasion to use ABR Relocations following a relocation of the office. They were impressive from the outset. ABR were more than happy to coordinate the move with not only our staff, but also the company in charge of the fit out of our new office. On the day of the move they were a pleasure to work with and had a "can do" attitude. They also worked over the weekend to ensure that we would have a fresh start in our new office in the next week. Following the move ABR continued to assist us with a number of matters. Overall the whole removal process was made easy by the efficiency of ABR's staff and moving guide. We would not hesitate at all to recommend ABR for any removal needs.

    Glen Littlejohn, Office Manager
  • Monash University

    Can I please pass on our thanks to your team for the great job done in our move today in the VC’s office, which was absolutely seamless. Vanessa and I were impressed by the fact that despite it being in the middle of a working day, your team managed to get it done without any interruption to our work.

    Damien Farrell, Director – Government and External Relations
  • Motion & Control - NSK

    I am pleased to recommend the company, ABR Relocations.
    Shifting 2500 pallets of bulk stock and 10,000 boxes of stock from our 2 storey mezzanine structure was always going to be logistically challenging when coordinating with another contractor responsible for the disassemble and re-assembly of the existing racking system. With constant questioning from the ABR team, our confidence in their ability to get the job done was justified. Job completed in 15 days. Well done.

    Bruce Lees – Marketing and Sales Support Manager
  • Singleton Ogilvy & Mather

    With a merger there are so many variables and so many things that can go amiss, so many little details that need to be addressed and thought through. We needed a relocation company that covered all these areas and more. You came up trumps! From the very first contact your courteous and co-operative manner and style shone through, to the well thought out move and eventual relocation, your efficiency was second to none.

    Roger Clifton, Senior Management Partner
  • Tattersalls

    Your staff were the most co-operative I have had the pleasure of working with during many relocations undertaken by Tattersalls. The innovative methods employed by your company, certainly contributed to our staff having a minimum of loss of production. No computer equipment or property was damaged during the move, which I am sure was due to your methods. Due to the quality of services, your company has been appointed as Tattersalls’ preferred supplier for any future relocation work.

    Baxter Henderson, Purchasing & Property Manager
  • Tattersalls

    I think the most rewarding sight I have seen for a while was on the Monday morning following the first move.Seeing the whole office complex set up as if the occupants had been in residence the previous Friday, and then watching people starting work with intact desks and filing cabinets, phone and computers within half an hour of arriving at work.This is not only a big productivity issue, but also a big morale booster for all the staff involved. Busy, properly motivated people become quite annoyed when they have to perform unproductive tasks.The ABR methods reduced this to an absolute minimum.

    John Hoey, Project Manager
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